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Seaside Sand Dollar Pendant with Chain

Sand Dollar Pendant Necklace

- A Delicate Icon of Peace and Beauty by John Medeiros

Handcrafted in Rhode Island, the John Medeiros Jewelry Collections are among the finest in the world. The exquisite designs are timeless and all-original. Every classic piece is also highly-affordable to today’s sophisticated women.

Gold Sand Dollar Pendant Necklace

: A Legendary Symbol of Faith and Beauty

Legend has it that the sand dollar tells the birth and death of Jesus Christ. The 5 slits represent the wound he sustained from nails on his feet and hands. The last wound was caused by the spear of Longinus, the Roman soldier who struck his side.

At the same time, there’s a silhouette of a star at the center of the sand dollar’s image of an Easter Lily. This is likened to the Bethlehem’s star which guided the three wise men that evening of the Christ’s birth.

The John Medeiros Seaside Sand Dollar Pendant is a symbol of peace and goodwill. The pendant’s golden beauty is enhanced with Cubic Zirconia crystals which make up the leaves of the Easter Lily. The price is only $100.00.

Sand Dollar Inspired Pendant Necklace

: A Wonder of Nature and Faith

Mystery and boundlessness are also among a sand dollar’s symbolism. Sand dollars hardly look like marine animals. But they are actually burrowing sea urchins.Many people are deeply fascinated with them, some species are even called sea cookies. Others think of them as coins from Atlantis.

Our Seaside Sand Dollar Pendant has a chain necklace to match its golden pendant. The carvings amazingly resemble a real sand dollar’s features. The gemstones highlight the Easter Lily with a lovely radiance.

Cubic Zirconia, which we’ve been using as gemstones, is a synthetic crystalline substance. It is often used in the jewelry world as a practical substitute for diamond. It is more affordable, but the quality is just the same.

In fact, Cubic Zirconia can be created with flawless beauty. This crystal can be perfectly structured for pure transparency and a brighter fire. Cubic Zirconia contain more flashes of color than a regular diamond. Further, since these man-made gemstones do not have cleavages, they are less susceptible to chipping and cracking. They are often set in precious metals like sterling silver, platinum, and gold.

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Chain Necklace with Sand Dollar Pendant

: Take Care of Your Jewelry the John Medeiros Way

The gold and Rhodium finish of our jewelry require minimum maintenance. Just follow the following instructions to make your jewelry last a lifetime:

  • Use a soft dry cotton cloth to remove all oils and abrasives from your jewelry after wearing them.
  • Don’t use any chemicals or polishing cloth since it will affect your warranty.
  • Don’t let your jewelry come in contact with chlorinated water, perfumes, and salt.
  • Remove all your jewelry before taking a bath. Don’t let any amount of surface water to come in contact with them.
  • Keep your jewelry in the John Medeiros pouch that’s been provided with the item, or ensure it does not get in contact with other items.

Browse our John Medeiros Seaside Collection and buy a Seaside Sand Dollar Pendant today! We have exquisite pieces in our collection to remind you of a charmed life. From exceptional pieces of earrings, charm clips, bracelets and necklace - we have the perfect sand dollar-inspired piece for the modern woman.

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