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Thin Nouveau Chain


Thin Chain Necklace

- Delicate and Gorgeous Necklaces by John Medeiros Jewelry Collection

The woman of today is admired for her grace in handling pressures at work and at home. It’s not a simple role to play everyday. To celebrate today’s empowered woman, John Medeiros has crafted exquisite, affordable jewelry that mirrors her sterling character and distinct loveliness.

Very Thin Necklace Chain

- A Gorgeous Tribute to an Empowered Woman

Money cannot buy elegance.

Elegance comes naturally with character.

Today’s sophisticated women are known for their strength and individuality. They are the inspiration for this John Medeiros Thin Nouveau Necklace that’s both delicate and durable.

This piece was crafted so you can fashionably wear any of your John Medeiros sliders with a longer chain.

This charming Thin Nouveau Chain Necklace is available in different lengths:

  • 16" priced affordably at $55.00
  • 20" priced affordably at $70.00
  • 24" priced affordably at $80.00
  • 30" priced affordably at $105.00

Wear it with your favorite slider charm! You can also achieve a chic minimalist look by wearing them in their varying length without pendants. They will look great with an open collar shirt or cowl neck.

Thin Chain Necklace Women: Love our John Medeiros Nouveau Collection!

You can also match our Thin Nouveau Necklace with charms from our all-original Nouveau Collection!

  • Nouveau Pave Accented Barrel Enhancer. Gemstone is accentuated by small, sparkling crystals set in pave. A definite eye-catcher that’s available in 4 colors: amethyst, black, aqua, and peridot.
  • Nouveau Pave Accented Oval Enhancer. Oval symbolizes creativity, abundance, fortune, and fertility. A lucky charm that’s available in 5 colors: amethyst, black, aqua, champagne, and peridot
  • Nouveau Pave Accented Round Enhancer. Circle means perfection and happiness. Wear this charm in black, aqua, or champagne.
  • Nouveau Pave Accented Square Enhancer. The four sides of a square represents the 4 major seasons, the 4 cosmic elements, the 4 phases of life, and earth’s 4 prime elements. It symbolizes the order of our universe. Wear it to be conscious of cosmic wonders including yourself. Choose black, aqua, champagne or peridot.

Want more of our divine Nouveau collection? Just browse our site for these marvelous items:

  • CZ Nouveau Double Strand Bracelet. Designed with radiant Cubic Zirconia. Extender also available.
  • Large Nouveau Wire Cuff Bracelet. Chic and feminine
  • Nouveau CZ French Wire Earrings. Perfect match for our CZ Nouveau Double Strand Bracelet
  • Nouveau Single Strand Necklace. Pure and beautiful.
  • Nouveau Double Strand Bracelet. A classic masterpiece. Extender available.
  • Nouveau Double Strand Necklace. Perfect to pair up with our Nouveau Double Strand Bracelet.
  • Nouveau French Wire Earrings. A pair of classic earrings to match our Nouveau Double Strand Necklace and Bracelet. With this set, you don’t have to experience any headaches in mixing and matching accessories.
  • Pave Nouveau Slider. A smooth, lustrous set of Cubic Zirconia crystals with distinctive character.
  • Simplicity Hammered Antique Oval Bracelet. A lovely, sentimental piece.
  • Simplicity Hammered Antique Oval Earrings. Perfect pair for our Simplicity Hammered Antique Oval Bracelet with adoring, vintage touch.

Long Thin Chain Necklace

: Mastering the Art of Fashion

To achieve the highest degree of attraction, select necklines and necklaces that complement the shape of our face:

  1. Oval Face. Every type of neckline is suitable. Ideal necklines are scoop, turtleneck, and mandarin collar. Long string of pearls and low-hanging necklaces with drops worn with a low-cut neckline will highlight your decolletage. Choker can bring out the smoothness of your neck. Chain link necklace will also look fabulous.
  2. Round Face. Wear outfits with vertical lines and necklines that are long. Ideal necklines are V neck, sweetheart-shaped, and open collar. Don longer necklaces. Best choices are chains with pendants to pull it down and achieve a triangular effect.
  3. Square Face. To soften the angles, the ideal necklines are V neck, sabrina, scoop and sweetheart-shaped. Select longer necklaces and pendants with curves and swirls.

Celebrate your individuality with our John Medeiros Jewelry Collections! Order our thin nouveau necklace today for an empowered, chic image!

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