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Tree of Life Pendant


Tree of Life Pendant Necklace

: Handcrafted Jewelry is a Woman’s Best Friend

Marilyn Monroe once said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. How right she was. But diamonds are not always as affordable as we want them to be. John Medeiros makes handcrafted accessories that are just as beautiful as diamonds—sometimes even better.

Tree of Life Necklaces

for Any Occasion

What makes John Medeiros jewelry better than diamonds is the wide array of designs to choose from. You can get the accessories that truly fit your personality. For the fun-loving, party-going bunch, perhaps chunky earrings and bracelets will do the trick. For the career-focused individuals, there are simple studs—in different shape and form—that will suit your mood. If you are a ray of sunshine, get some charms. But if you just want simple but meaningful jewelry, get the Tree of Life necklace. This has become a trend in the last couple of years because a tree symbolizes every person. Each one of us started as a seed, then we grew into a small plant (toddler?) until we become a tree (at least those who survive typhoons and other natural and manmade disasters). Each person is a tree—sturdy because of what life has thrown at us. But some trees are sturdier than others.

The Tree of Life design can also have a spiritual meaning. A lot of the Tree of Life designs look like a Bodhi tree, which is where Buddha received enlightenment. A number of people also associate it with knowledge and wisdom.

Each piece of jewelry that comes out of John Medeiros’ shop is unique—just like every person on earth. Every item is hand-crafted in the United States—unlike most accessories that are mass produced in China. All designs are original, registered and copyrighted. This guarantees that when you buy a John Medeiros piece, you are the only one with such item. Not only that, each piece of jewelry is made of high quality materials. The brand’s initials are engraved in every piece to ensure authenticity.

John Mederios jewels are made of lead-free premium alloy with a pinch of silver. Some items are finished with 14-karat gold. As for the stones, these are either Swarovski Crystal or Cubic Zirconium. These are the next best things to diamond. Each design is well thought through from conceptualization to manufacturing, done at the site in East Providence, Rhode Island.

The Tree of Life pendant is available at only $80. For those who want a chain with the pendant, it is $135. This is very affordable considering the intricate design employed on each piece. It was Medeiros’ dream to hand-craft high quality accessories but to sell these at affordable prices.

Creating every piece of jewelry involves the same craftsmanship and engineering techniques used in the best jewelry shops in the world. John Medeiros, whose dream of owning his own jewelry shop at the young age of nine, has finally reached his vision by creating timeless pieces. Browse our collection and buy a jewel that soothes your mood today!

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