Beaded Indigo Finish Pav̩ Double Chain Bracelet by John Medeiros Jewelry Collections

Beaded Indigo Finish Pavé Double Chain Bracelet

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Beaded Indigo Finish Pavé Double Chain Bracelet by John Medeiros Jewelry Collections

Double Strand Beaded Bracelet

by John Medeiros

John Medeiros is an iconic name in the jewelry industry. His name screams of five important qualities that a jewelry collection must have: high quality, handcrafted, intricate, long lasting, and affordable.


Double Beaded Bracelet

For Empowered Women

This piece is made fine Rhodium, a derivative of platinum, with double strands. It has five charm stations and a lock made of flawless gold, cubic zirconia in pav̩ setting, and indigo highlights to complete an exquisite finish. The fusion of all these materials makes a fine-looking and gorgeous masterpiece that can be worn every day to a multitude of events or settings. If you are in search for a go-to piece with a touch of luxury, this one is for you. Indigo is a combination of deep blue and violet that creates a beautiful deep midnight blue color; it represents intuition and inner wisdom. This is made for empowered and passionate women. This double strand beaded bracelet is versatile and it can blend with almost every ensemble that you can think of. So whether it is day or nighttime, this accessory will not let you down.

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